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[読書メモ] “The 100-Year Life”

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‘What would your 20-year-old self say about you now?’ (Loc 300)

We wrote this book for people who understand that the past is not a predictor of the future; who want to learn about options and not just constraints; and who want to positively influence the working life they lead now and into the future. (Loc 313)

The economies of scale occur because a house for two people isn’t twice as expensive as a house for one, in the way that a meal prepared for two is not twice as expensive as a meal for one. (Loc 739)

Those who make a successful shift into a portfolio stage do so because they make early preparations and begin to experiment with small-scale projects while they are still working full-time. (Loc 2518)

We have assumed here that marriage will remain a popular choice. (Loc 3314)